Automate worldwide payments cheaper and faster

Worldesk facilitates your transactions and overseas payments. We give you all the tools and technology you need to make the smartest decisions for your international transactions.

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Lower your foreign exchange risk.

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Fully integrated to you day-to-day software

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Use multiple currency providers at once

Earn a $500 rebate by signing up with worldesk.

Receive 3 free transactions (up to $500 in rebates for all foreign exchange fees) if you open a new Worldesk account for your business.

We offer over 100 currencies for you to choose from

We offer competitive prices for you to schedule or send payments through any bank worldwide while helping you save in transactional costs.

With Worldesk you can work with one or multiple currencies at the same time.

Integrate Worldesk to your existing tools

Have the Worldesk experience run with the tools you love the most.

We offer integrations with leading CRM, accounting systems, and E-commerce platforms.

With our integrations will give you everything you need to manage your payments, stay up to date and centralize your transactional operations.

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Easily use Worldesk in all your day-to-day devices and browsers

We offer user-friendly tools and technology for your comfort.

Find Worldesk in:

  • Your Apple or Android device
  • Any browser that you use
  • Or install Worldesk’s Browser Extension


  • Easily import your information from your existing tools.
  • View all your bills and invoices in Worldesk
  • Pay your bills through Worldesk
  • Centralize your transactional operations in one secure platform

Worldesk offers over 100 different currencies for your comfort

We give you the option to work with leading currency providers worldwide, just see for yourself:

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Get competitive rates, optimize your international transactions and protect your revenue and profits from currency risks.

Have the power to efficiently manage your global transactions and benefit from it, while you’re at it!

Looking for other complementary tools?

Worldesk offers solutions for your entire international transactions cycle.

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international transfers

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Lock specific currency rates

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Set up currency alerts

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