We provide you the tools to manage and reduce your foreign exchange risk and costs involved in international transactions

Companies that trade internationally or have operations overseas tend to be more exposed to foreign exchange risk that comes from currency fluctuations.

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Making overseas
payments priced at different currencies.

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Receiving foreign payments and collecting funds from the companies that you transact with.

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Foreign currency borrowing/deposits.

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The impact these activities have on your business can highly affect your profits.

The most common risks arise from

Worldesk gives you the tools a nd products to protect your international transactions, to implement and automate your currency’s policies and strategies.

Keep your business secure by fully understanding the management and risk involved.

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Foreign currency borrowing/deposits.

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How can you identify and manage exchange risk?

1- Understand the way your business and operational transactions are exposed:

  • How much of your profit is exposed to currency exchange fluctuations?
  • What currencies do you transact with?
  • Do you transact with one currency or multiple?
  • How long do your international transactions take?

2- Understand your options

There are products and solutions in the market to help you centralize all your international transactions and lower the risk of foreign exchange such as:

  • Paying your suppliers in different currencies and easily calculating all your costs.
  • Protect your business against market fluctuations by locking in a specific currency rate that can be used at a future date.
  • Collect funds from online marketplaces in an individual collection bank account.

Among many others.

Get advice from the experts. Worldesk has partnered with a team of specialists ready to help you build a secure and friendly strategy for your business.

3- Develop a strategy

Once you understand the risk your business is exposed to, and the solutions the market provides; move on to develop a strategy and support your business with existing tools and solutions.

We provide solutions for all your needs:

The most significant risk your company could be facing is the lack of management in your payments and international transactions. Whether you run a global marketplace or an online store, Worldesk provides solutions to meet all your currency exchange and international payment needs.

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Automatically add any bills from your accounting software to your Worldesk account.

Create alerts by selecting your currency and get notified when they hit a specific or preferred rate.

Set up and receive alerts for edges or lock in specific rates for any current or future transaction.

Receive alerts about any changes in your company assets and inventory.

Access all your information and receive alerts from any mobile device. Integrate Worldesk to your CRM, Accounting software & eCommerce System.

Stay secure with our trusted and advanced technology

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Get competitive rates, optimize your international transactions and protect your revenue and profits from currency risks.

Have the power to efficiently manage your global transactions and benefit from it, while you’re at it!

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