Receive payments faster and cheaper from all over the world

Worldesk is an easy-to-use technology to receive andmanage payments from online marketplaces or anyone no matter their location.


You can also receive payments from Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other market places. Worldesk provides you with the right tools for you to receive international payments without all the hassle.

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Lower your foreign exchange risk.

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Fully integrated to you day-to-day software

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Use multiple currency providers at once

Start saving today with the worldesk platform!

Receive up to 3 free transactions (no more than $500 in rebates for all foreign exchange fees) when you open a new Worldesk account for your business.

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Receiving payments from worldwide marketplaces has never been easier

  • Open multiple accounts in different countries.
  • Receive payments from anywhere in the world directlyto your Worldesk account and automate this process.
  • We provide you the tools to reduce transactional risks,and save in mark up costs.
  • Significantly process times to access your payments faster.
  • Have total control over the risk of global trade.
  • Choose the providers you want to work with.
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Get paid by leading marketplaces worldwide

Worldesk has partnered with leading marketplaces across the globe to make your life easier.

Find us in the following marketplaces:

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Our Amazon partnership gives you a fully integrated solution and a plugin for you to get the best of both platforms in one centralized place.

Transfer money within your own accounts

Have multiple accounts in multiple countries?

Worldesk offers the perfect solution by allowing you to transfer money within your own international accounts.

Access all your banks’ exchange rates and benefits from your transactions.

Get competitive rates, optimize your international transactions and protect your revenue and profits from currency risks.

Have the power to efficiently manage your global transactions and benefit from it, while you’re at it!

Looking for other complementary tools?

Worldesk offers solutions for your entire international transactions cycle.

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international transfers

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Lock specific currency rates

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Set up currency alerts

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