Lock in favorable currency rates with low fees

Our Lock Rate feature is the perfect solution for you to protect your revenue and profits from the market’s uncertainty and currency rate fluctuations.


Worldesk offers the possibility to work with several providers that allow you to lock your preferred rates.

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Lower your foreign exchange risk.

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Lock in rates while saving on fees with Worldesk.

Discover how you can lock in favorable currency rates while saving up to $500 in fees on your first 3 transactions.

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Protect your business against market fluctuations

Worldesk allows you to lock in specific currency rates, that you can use at a later date for a period of up to 12 months.

Manage the risk involved with foreign exchange fluctuations, by knowing and securing currency exchange rates in advance.

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How does Lock Rate work?

Whether you have operations overseas or trade products internationally, you are likely to be exposed to foreign exchange risk generated by currency and market fluctuations.

The impact that exchange rate fluctuations have on profitability regularly varies but in many cases, it can significantly harm your business and profits.

With our solution you can:

You can fix a specific date’s exchange rate by booking a forward exchange contract.
This exchange can be used at a later date for a period of up to 12 months.
Obtain certainty when it comes to managing your risks
Protect your revenue and transactions

Worldesk gives you a world of possibilities and solutions when it comes to protecting your international transactions and managing your risks. We have a team of specialist ready to help you build the best strategy for your business.

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Don’t let the market determine your financial future

Start using Worldesk today, lower the risk of global trade and protect your business from currency exchange risk.

We provide you the tools to reduce transactional risks, and save in mark up costs.

We offer user-friendly tools and technology for your comfort.

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Get competitive rates, optimize your international transactions and protect your revenue and profits from currency risks.

Have the power to efficiently manage your global transactions and benefit from it, while you’re at it!

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Worldesk offers solutions for your entire international transactions cycle.

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