Transfer Money Internationally Faster and Cheaper

Receive up to 3 free transactions (up to $500 in rebates for all foreign exchange fees)
if you open a new Worldesk account for your business. 

Lock Rate

Hedge against currency volatility and protect your profits with a fully automated and intuitive process for locking your foreign exchange rates.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive notifications to track favorable currency rates and real-time valuation of international payables and receivables.

Custom Integration

Connect seamlessly with any accounting, CRM, ERP, or e-commerce software that your business uses on a daily basis. Custom integration available!

Reduce your global risk and save money

Worldesk provides unmatched, real-time transparency and control over your currency management with significant advantages to your international business.

Intuitive: Initiate global payments and accept international receivables conveniently from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Intelligent: Receive real-time automated alerts to notify you of the best time to perform money transfers or lock in foreign exchange rates.


Transparent: Know your foreign exchange fees and costs as well as the impact on your bottom line with up-to-the minute currency conversion.


Secure: Transact with confidence and safeguard your data with robust encryption, anti-money laundering, and bank compliance tools.


Affordable: Optimize pricing on every international transaction due to our strategic relationships with the world's largest banks.


Versatile: Connect with your current accounting, CRM, and ERP software while managing your transactions from one customized solution.

Start saving today!

Worldesk is the only platform that offers enterprise-level currency risk management to SMBs. Sign-up to receive your free transactions.

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