Protect your profits and avoid the risk that comes from international transactions

The mismanagement of international transactions is expensive and risky for your business. Worldesk is the solution that facilitates, manages and protects your margin from foreign currency transactions.

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Why we created Worldesk

Companies operating internationally continually mismanage the risk of global trade, fortunately, there are new and innovative solutions to manage and avoid the risk that comes from transacting globally.

Competing in the global economy without the right tools and solutions can significantly impact your margins in the short and long run, as traditional banks can add as much as 5% to the actual exchange rate companies use daily to transact internationally.

We created Worldesk to offer small and medium companies technology solutions to manage their international transactions.

Worldesk takes a holistic approach to the foreign exchange transaction by providing tools and solutions to protect a business’ profit margin from currency risk. Our easy-to-use technology allows our customers to transact with multiple currency providers of their choosing while actively managing their global receivables and payables.

Everything you need to manage international transfers at the reach of your hands.

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Worldesk helps you:

  • Schedule and make international payments
  • Set up bill alerts based on due dates and exchange rates
    Access our currency rate calculator
  • Use multiple currency providers at once
  • And best of all, Worldesk connects with your existing tools:
  • Accounting software such as QuickBooks
  • Online Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  • Worldesk can also be customized and integrated to any software that you currently use.

Our Integration Partners

Worldesk integrates with the following platform:

Intuit quickbooks

Coming Soon!


Are you looking for a different integration?

Worldesk provides solutions to fit all businesses.

Whether you sell internationally, have multiple operations in different countries, or if you sell your products in different marketplaces, Worldesk provides solutions to meet all your currency exchange and international payment needs.

International Bill Payments

Pay international bills through Worldesk or connect your accounting platform such as QuickBooks to Worldesk. Pay your bills in our app, and we’ll automatically update your statement as paid in QuickBooks.

Worldesk can work by being integrated with your accounting software or can function as a standalone solution.

Send Money

Pay your suppliers in different currencies, calculate all costs and benefit while doing so.

Lock Rate

Uncertain with currency fluctuations?

Our one-click Lock Rate solution allows you to protect your business against market fluctuations by locking in a specific currency rate that can be used at a future date.

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Currency Calculator

Easily access Worldesk’s currency calculator. Check one or multiple currencies at once.

We show you the world’s most used currencies worldwide.

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Alerts System

Bill alerts: Set up alerts for your bills, Worldesk will notify you of their due dates and give you all the tools for you to easily pay.

Rate alerts: Set up alerts for the currencies you use, Worldesk will notify you when the selected currencies hit a specific rate to apply to your advantage!

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E-tailer & Online Marketplaces

Collection of funds: Worldesk offers individual collection bank accounts for online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others. Quickly collect your funds and bring them back to your local or US account.

Access Worldesk’s line of credit and receive your payments sooner than usual.

Other Features

  • Constant emails updates on the currency information you need
  • Our browser plugin that provides multiple payment options on the spot
  • Historical currency trends
  • Efficiently manage your company’s devices and users for you to stay secure
  • Manage more than one company in our solution (multi-company management)
  • And much more​

Find Worldesk in all your day-to-day devices and browsers.

Whether you work from your laptop or cell phone, we offer user-friendly solutions for all your needs across all devices.

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Our Worldesk App

Our app works on all iPhones and Android devices.
Download our app and start using Worldesk in minutes.

Get competitive rates, optimize your international transactions and protect your revenue and profits from currency risks.

Have the power to efficiently manage your global transactions and benefit from it, while you’re at it!

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