More than 25% of your clients are either buying or selling overseas.

Your clients are also being overcharged and underserviced by the major banks when transacting internationally.


By providing a more affordable foreign exchange solution together with a best-in-class platform to your lending clients, you can significantly reduce their costs while increasing opportunities for additional financing.  

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Cross-Sell Potential

Partnering with Worldesk allows lending companies to seamlessly cross-sell foreign exchange services to clients, enhancing relationships and creating an additional revenue stream.

Low Cost Alternative

Businesses have turned to banks for FX services, but the convenience comes at a steep cost. Worldesk undercuts most banks in fees, saving your clients money while strengthening your company's bottom line.

Win-Win Rev Sharing

Save your clients money on FX transactions while enjoying a healthy share of generated revenue, a competitive advantage that presents you as a trusted financial partner.

Collaborate with Worldesk to cross-sell foreign exchange services, unlock new revenue, and offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional banks. Join us in shaping the future of financial services, and together, we'll drive growth and success for your lending company. Contact Worldesk today to embark on this transformative partnership.

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