Get faster & cheaper currency transfers!

Businesses continue to mismanage the risk of global trade.

Worldesk protects your business from the uncertainty of currency fluctuation.

Sign-up today and receive a $500 account opening bonus after two (2) foreign exchange transactions totaling $50,000 USD.

About Worldesk

Worldesk offers small and medium companies technology solutions to manage their international transactions. We are specifically focused on protecting the business deal from the inherent risks involved in foreign exchange.

Reduce your global Risk

Unlike money service providers, who specialize in transferring currency, Worldesk takes a holistic approach to the foreign exchange transaction. Our clients utilize our easy-to-use technology that does not necessitate any knowledge in currencies.


Track the currency market and alert you on the best time to send and receive money. Transact in any major currency from one simple dashboard.


Manage any bills with the ability to lock your rate and hedge your risk. Exchange fees and costs are fully transparent in order to see the impact on your bottom line.


Integrate to your tech environment with direct connection to the software you use on a daily basis. Create a central location for all global transactions with dollar amounts.


Optimize your rates and risks by autpricing on every international transaction due to our strategic relationships with the world's largest banks.


Connect with your current accounting, CRM, ERP, or E-commerce software. Custom integration available.

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