E-Commerce, API & Integrations

Expand your reach, provide more value and give your customers all the essential tools to make the smartest decisions for their business.

Worldesk offers multiple APIs depending on your needs.

E-Commerce API

Charge your clients anywhere in the world through e-commerce platforms.

Integration API

Our integration API will help you make your clients’ payments much easier.

  • How it works:
    We can integrate Worldesk to your software and give your clients the ability to efficiently make international payments and transactions using Worldesk.
  • Worldesk will share a percentage of the profits made by each deal you close with your existing or new customers.

Custom API

If you have custom software that we don’t currently integrate with, Worldesk offers the possibility to build the integration you’re looking for.

Rates & Alerts API

This API is designed for users or companies that want to get currency exchange rates and alerts without leaving the day-to-day software. Worldesk offers an integration that allows you to have these two unique features in any platform.

Amazon API

This API is designed to give businesses currency updates on products’ prices, depending on currency exchanges rates.


Why integrate with Worldesk?

  • Drive higher customer conversion by offering fully integrated solutions
  • Expand your reach and increase your market share
  • Help your customers improve their efficiency

Our integrations and Partners

Worldesk integrates with the following platforms to offer a world of possibilities.

  • Accounting software
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM

Pay your bills in any exchange rate in our app, and we’ll automatically update your bill as paid in your accounting software.

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Are you looking for a different integration?

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Worldesk can be integrated into your solution via API with our On-Demand Service.

Access our functionalities from your platform or software system by becoming our partner.

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