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Mosaica INC was founded by two partners, Mr. Moshe Ohana and Mr. Jonathan Zuckerman with experience in the technology, marketing, and foreign exchange industries.

Strategically located in New York City, we are committed to delivering the best currency risk management and tech solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We provide all the tools to manage international transactions via integration between their current applications environment and our proprietary technology platform.

We believe that any exposure to currency risk should be an active decision, not an accident – and so our number one priority is to protect our clients from the currency rate fluctuations inherent in international transactions. We offer our clients stability – so that they can focus on running their businesses, rather than worrying about the value of the euro or the yen.

Currently, our team of key players focuses on driving innovation, technology, and security by providing solutions to all company sizes across all industries such as Worldesk.

The Worldesk solution:

Mosaica’s team has focused on creating specific technology for SMBs to organize foreign receivables and payables while better managing foreign exchange exposure. The technology is a simple, cross-border currency exchange and risk management system, which we have named Worldesk and includes the following benefits:

  • Protecting profits and revenue
  • Adding transparency to worldwide business dealings
  • Automating and managing global payables and receivables

These tools will tie into major accounting, CRMs’, eCommerce, and sales software, to add another layer of transparency around the global value of inventory, income, and expenses and how market conditions affect that cumulative value.

Worldesk provides core solutions and features such as Exchange currency alerts, payment scheduler, integrations with other service software and systems.

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