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Worldesk Helps SMBs Navigate a Volatile Global Economy

New York, NY. (March 30, 2020) – Mosaica, Inc., a leading international payment and fintech solutions firm, announced the launch of its groundbreaking global transaction management platform, Worldesk

The announcement comes at a critical time – not only for businesses across the United States, but around the world – as the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread. The viruses’ high transmissibility has caused a massive slowdown in the global economy. Already, despite a robust February jobs report, forecasts suggest the US economy could take a significant hit. Goldman Sachs now predicts zero growth for the first quarter of 2020, followed by a five percent contraction in Q2. Likewise, the world could be hammered with a nearly $3 trillion loss.

Available via an integrated web tool as well as on Android and iOS devices, Worldesk allows unprecedented real-time control over a host of international business needs, including payments and receivables automation, up-to-the-minute currency conversion, intelligence foreign exchange management, intuitive alerts, and seamless integration with third-party software. 

“When we conceived of Worldesk, we designed a platform that was tailor-made for this situation. We can’t stop the spread of the virus, but we can help stop the spread of fear amongst small and medium-sized businesses. Essentially, we can inoculate companies with the tools they need to avoid a currency attack.” said Shiko Ohana, Mosaica’s CEO. 

By providing unmated real-time transparency, Worldesk reduces the hesitation that business owners might feel during times of economic uncertainty. As a powerful hedge against currency volatility, businesses can think on their feet and better forecast their international accounts payables and receivables. Specifically, the Worldesk platform gives users the ability to: 

  • schedule international bill pay alerts based on due dates and exchange rates;
  • lock currency rates connected to specific invoices and income; and
  • transact using multiple banks and providers.
Additionally, the platform can be easily integrated with existing accounting, CRM, and e-commerce software. Integration partners include Amazon, Intuit Quickbooks, Magento, Salesforce, Zoho, Sage, among others. 

Even without the additional challenges the coronavirus outbreak presents, the need for such a streamlined financial application has never been more concrete. That’s because international companies continue to mismanage the risks associated with global trade. Competing in the world economy without the right tools and solutions that Worldesk provides can significantly impact profit margins in the short and long run. Traditional banks can add large margins to the actual exchange rate companies use daily to transact internationally.

“With the backing of strategic relationships, Mosaica has successfully helped business owners and executives navigate a volatile international marketplace. We have always focused on full transparency while providing the tools they need to save money, reduce exposure and safeguard profit margins,” Ohana added.

As the US and the world endure the coronavirus crisis, Mosaica, Inc. knows the vital role small and medium-sized businesses play in the global economy. They are the backbone of international commerce, as even the corner drug store often receives the bulk of its product from processing plants overseas. Regardless of how dire the situation may now seem, the coronavirus will run its course, and pent-up consumer demand will be unleashed both in the US and abroad. And, Worldesk will ensure that businesses can meet the challenges of global business.

To learn more about Worldesk and schedule a personalized demo of the platform, visit the company’s website at 

About Mosaica, Inc.

Mosaica, Inc. provides global payment and receivables solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) going global. Mosaica focuses on the clients’ international transactions, providing solutions that include a mechanism to process global payments and receivables, in addition to currency consulting, hedging strategies, and financing solutions. Located in the heart of New York, Mosaica serves companies in industries such as fashion and accessories, food and beverage, import/export, online retail, manufacturing, real estate, shipping and logistics.

About Worldesk

Worldesk is a fully integrated, mobile-first platform for global transaction management, developed by Mosaica, Inc. Realizing the currency risk that small- and medium-sized businesses encounter when paying global vendors and suppliers, or when repatriating funds from the sale of goods, the team at Worldesk created an intuitive set of tools to offer complete visibility to remove the guesswork due to fluctuating exchange rates. The platform also offers intelligent payment and currency alerts, lock rate capabilities, real-time pricing and projections, and full integration with business software.


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